Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Next OGN for 2011

This will be my next project for 2011. I plan to release this in next year's KOMIKON. I hope that everyone would like it. Here's a teaser.

This is just a concept art sketch.

To get a bigger view, click HERE.

Monday, December 13, 2010

This Week (Dec 6-12, 2010)

This week, I did a Deadpool commission sketch and Fan Art sketch for Michael David's Kubori Kikiam.

You will see these clearly in my deviant page.

Sunday, November 21, 2010



Story and Art by
Norby Ela
Cover by
Norby Ela & Rommel 'Omeng' Estanislao
NMN Creative
Cover Price

A story about two brothers...

Now Available in Comic Odyssey, Sputnik and Mt. Cloud Bookshop.

6.5"x9.5" GUTOM posters are also available and priced at P30.

5th CAPTAIN'S LOG OF THE ENTERPRISE: Komikon, Gutom, New projects...

Hello, Everybody. I'm doing fine. KOMIKON was 2 weeks ago and it was great. We released our Yo, Bo! #3 and (a one-shot komik,) Gutom. We also sold Issues 1 and 2 of Yo, Bo! Iwas so happy coz it was my first time there to attend KOMIKON as part of their Indie Tiangge. I met a lot of people and they bought a lot of our komiks. I just can't wait for next year.

GUTOM, I guess, was a success. But what it needs is distribution. So , what I did, I brought some copies of it at COMIC ODYSSEY/ Tomorrow, I'll drop by SPUTNIK and leave some copies there also. Other than it's komik, I've also printed 6.5"x9.5"-sized posters. You can buy it at P30. That's it so far and what-not.

Secret Projects... Right now, I'm redrawing WEATHER-WEATHER LANG, my entry from Jonas Diego's 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge. I didn't win, but I got a kick-ass comment from Mr. Gerry Alanguilan. I'll try to release it early next year.

Yo, Bo! issue 4 will start after finishing up Weather-Weather Lang. We're still experiment and improving issue after issue. And since I saw a heavy-duty stapler at YZA (printing shop), Yo, Bo! will be an endless story. This is like going to be my Spider-Man. Possibly, after issue 5, we will release a collected edition, which I would remaster and improve all of the issues (or not, depende sa inyo. hahahaha). There are so much stories to tell, kasi wala na ako sa company, so I can make more stories. hehehehe. No limits! But, I hope, in the future, if I would apply for a job and an HR officer would then read this post. I just want to say: I'm sorry. Hehehehe.

I'm thinking an 'over-50-page-story' and I guess that it will be launched next Komikon and another long story for next-next Komikon. I think these two projects will succeed my expectations. These will take a long time to work on. But please be patient.

Anyway, that's all for now.


Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today, we went to Quiapo and bought a lot of DVDs and went to Binondo. It was fun.

Here are some sketches that I did:

Twitter-Sized Movie Reviews:

-Toy Story 3 = The movie was great. If you've watched 1 and 2, you would cried harder like me. If this is your first time to watch this franchise, you will also cry about it. Pixar is hitting all the emotional sequences and scenes. Everything was a riot. except the Spanish mode of Buzz Lightyear. A must-see and watch for all Pixar/Toy Story enthusiasts. 4.7/5

-Karate Kid = This one is lesser to an average. I must say, they have all the plot lines like the first original movie, starring Ralph Macchio. The soundtrack was less par. But from a standpoint from a kid, who is less than 12 years old, will enjoy it... I guess. It is true: Instead of the title being KARATE KID, it should've been KUNG-FU KID. 2/5

I have a lot more movies to watch and review. All for now

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Compliment

Well, I didn't get to win the Jonas Diego's 24-Hour Comic Book Challenge. Congratulations to Freely Abrigo and Kevin Justin Ang (“Part of the Job”) for the best story and Freely Abrigo (“Bakit?”) for the Best Art.

The best thing that cried my heart out was this:

"One such work came to the attention of one of our judges, Gerry Alanguilan.
“Norby Ela's art still has a long way to go and did not score highly. However, his story is one of the highest ones I rated. I found it strangely affecting, not only because of the subject matter, but because of how it was written. It’s quiet, unforced and surprisingly convincing, free from bombast and hysterics. He almost made me believe he was reliving a memory, rather than simply imagining a story.”

Gerry Alanguilan"
I promise that I will improve. Thank you for the amazing compliment, sir!

WAIIIIIT! May prizes ba ang Final 10?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Doodles that I did when me and Myrna were invited by our Korean students.

Monday, August 23, 2010

3rd CAPTAIN'S LOG OF THE ENTERPRISE Volume 2: Lazy Couch Potato; MCC

Hey, guys. Sorry. I've been very, very, very lazy these couple of weeks. I haven't drawn any pages for issue #3 of Yo, Bo! and the story for anthology book that will be released in Komikon. But, this week. I just need to relax myself this Monday. Then draw all-day for the rest of the week. I really just wanna get over and finish the story for the anthology book, coz there are a lot of stories that I wanna tell. You can just say that my state is "eager".

MCC was a blast, stressful, eye-opener and I can't wait for it again next year. For any updates of I and Yo, Bo!. Please click here.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sketch Cards 6

This is the sixth batch of sketch cards that I'm gonna sell on comic cons. there's 2 Bo and a Deo.

Sketch Card 5

This is the fifth batch of sketch cards that I'm gonna sell on comic cons. there's Hulk, Dr. Doom and Captain Marvel.

Just like on Captain America. I used a 0.05 point on the Hulk and Dr. Doom.

I don't memorize the face of Von Doom so I i really had to get a picture for it. His expression looks stupid. My bad. Hehehehe

Sketch Cards 4

This is the partial fourth batch of sketch cards that I'm gonna sell on comic cons. there's Captain America, Flash and Mysterio.

On Captain America. My first time to use a 0.05 pen on a sketch card. Coz the rest of the sketch, i just use my typical o.1 point. I guess if use a 0.05., it would look a Leinil Yu sketch. Hehehe.

Sketch Cards 3 Part 2

This is the partial third batch of sketch cards that I'm gonna sell on comic cons. there's Ms Marvel, Immortal Iron Fist (for DJ) and Iron Man Mark 2

Sketch Cards 3

Sorry, I've been busy doing NOTHING. Hehehehe.

This is the partial third batch of sketch cards that I'm gonna sell on comic cons. there's Marvel Girl and Bo of my komik, Yo, Bo!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Sketch Cards Part 2

This is the second batch of sketch cards that I'm gonna sell on comic cons. there's Marvel Girl (not inked yet), Daredevil, The Thing and Cyclops.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

30-Peso Sketch Cards?!

This is the first batch of sketch cards that I'm gonna sell on comic cons. there's Batman, War Machine, Thor, Nova, Wolverine and 2 Spider-Mans

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2nd CAPTAIN'S LOG OF THE ENTERPRISE Volume 2: I'm in the Top 10!!!; Inking for the The Quarterly Bathroom Companion Comics Compendium; Bumming out!

Yes, I'm in the Top 10 of Jonas Diego's 24-Hour Comic Book Challenge. I'm actually 7th place. I'm really happy now.

Anyway, yesterday, I went to my office and got all my stuff there in one box. Then went off home. I have mixed feelings right now and I don't know what to do now. Which it is at the same time, so exciting and so scary.

Right now, I'm inking for a secret project that will be released in The Quarterly Bathroom Companion Comics Compendium at Komikon this November.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


This is a teaser image of a project that I pitched with my partners on NMN Creative. We might do this after finishing up on the 1st volume of Yo, Bo!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Secret Project Page that Needs Fixing

This is a secret project where it will be released in KOMIKON. In this page, one of my editors told me that I need to change the story. Because it would lose the tempo and momentum of the story. He was right. You will see Macoy's Jholleebird & McBird. Jholeebird is having a fight with a father. Sadly, Johleebird lost.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

24 Hour Comic Book Challenge entry finished

Finished and posted my entry. The theme for the comic was: Bakit Astig ang Pinoy. I did everything in order get a good story. I wanna thank Myrna, Sam and NMN Creative who supported me. Anyway, please tell you friend and family to visit and read my komik. Thank you.

Here's my entry:

Here are the per page links for all you folks:


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Twitter Mode fo the 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge

Hi guys, I'll just be using Twitter just for today's event. Hopefully, Sam could record my minute-minute activities later.

Here's my Twitter page:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Me? Komik Gladiator?

I'm a part of a mass interview with the 24H Comic Book Challenge Participants at POC

here's the link:

All for now!

The 24-Hour Comic Book Challenge... Ready?

Ok, right now. it's 6:57 AM, Friday, day before the 24-hour Comic Book Challenge, I only had 4 hours of sleep. Maybe I'll take a nap after this post. I have work from 2PM to 11PM. and the next I have to survive the day by sketching, inking, lettering, basically do a 24-[age comic book within 24 hours. Will I be able to do it. I don't know. But all I know that I have to make the greatest story. I have to be like Neil Gaiman and JRJR (John Romita Jr.) tomorrow.

Anyway, I gotta go. Please give out your support. All for now!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

YoBo on MCC 2010

I just wanna share that we will have a booth at the Indie GO! Valley at the Metro Comic Con this year on August 21-22. We will be selling Yo, Bo! issues 1 &2 and bookmarks; I'll be drawing up some sketch cards. Hopefully, we'll get recognized and make some friends. Each issue of Yo, Bo! is 20 pages and we will be selling it at P25 (SRP is P30). All for now!


Hello, all. New site; new life. I'm gonna add some more stuff. I just can't do it right now. I'm exactly in the office right now and the IT guys have blocked some of the sites like, TWITTER, DEVIANTART & FACEBOOK. So, maybe this weekend after doing the 24 hour Comic Book Challenge, I'll get a chance to improve more for this site.

All for now.

Another Day

I wake up early morning
to see the sun
and feel the warmth

run it down through my body
away goes the cold
put a fire in my heart

breathe it deeply and see it shine
notice its mine
its my soul

another day to live
another day to believe
that life is so beautiful

so beautiful

Sweet Angel Candy

Feeling under the moonlights
Lovers counting the stars
Wishing isn’t this romantic
Viewing a city so far
Cold air, just hold on my blanket
Heaven, when the sun is just rising
Show you how much that I love you
I’ll prove that I’ll do anything
Coz you’re my sweet angel candy
No one will ever get in your way
You will live for eternity
Through the rest of my days
Loving all my fears and my conscience
Hoping you also feel the same
Listen, did you hear that romantic lyric
Sounds like someone’s calling your name

Coz you’re my sweet angel candy
Walking past through doors
You will live for eternity
Never in my life I haven’t been more sure
Just wait, I’m coming to get you from somewhere
I’ll try not to be late in some way

Coz you’re still my sweet angel candy
It would be impossible to replace you
You put my life inside out
That’s why I’m coming to get you
Coz you’re the only sweet angel candy
Would it be so much trouble
If I could spend my life with you
That’s all I’m asking for
Coz there’s no one like you no

City of Angels

Angels gave up their wings
For love and mortal life
Choice of free will
To live in the human darkness and in the human light
To experience and face
In what’s wrong and in what’s right
To have live through out their dreams
While they can now sleep for the rest of the dying night
For they have chosen
To discard their holy and eternal life
Away from Eden, away from heaven
And only return when they finally die
Is this what they seek
And chose to believe
The beauty of a life of a man
Its body so fragile and so weak
And break the vow with God Almighty
As alike the vow between husbands and wives
For it was a choice and decision
Nor deprivation, nor crime
To bleed and pain will feel
Your home now is a purgatory
To born and to death
To happiness and to melancholy


Hindi ba tayo iiyak
Hindi ba natin siya tutulungan
Hindi ba natin siya ililigtas
Isang batang nagging biktima
Nasagasaan siya ng truck
Ang kanyang katawan ay nasa gitna ng kalsada
Sino ba ang dadalhin sa kanya
Wala pa dumadating na ambulansya
Hindi nyo ba alam
Na wala siyang mauuwing tirahan
Iniwan siya ng kanyang ina
Bugbog sarado sa kanyang ama
Wala na siyang luhang maiiyak
Wala siyang pera sa kanyang bulsa
Masaya na sa pandesal at barya
Imbis sa itong trahedya
Wala na bang himala
Hindi na nya kailanagan pumunta sa hospital
Dahil hindi na siya humihinga
Dahil hindi na siya humihinga

Martyr / Kasalanan ko

Hindi ko sinasadya ang nangyari
Tulad pa noon nung dati
Kasi miss na miss na kita
Alam ko ako yung may sala

Bumabalik ang mga ala-ala
Tuwing kita’y nakikita
May paru-paru sa aking tiyan
Iba talaga ang aking nararamdaman

Alam mo naman
Na mamahalin kita
Wlang biro
Totoo ang aking nadarama
Walang iba
Kundi ikaw lang sa akin
Kahit ano mangyari
Mamahalin pa rin kita

December Fall

Darkness surrounds the night
I remembered my worst past
I was young with a young heart
But through the pain it didn’t last
Throughout the next season
Fire of pain scorched up the sky
Day to day full of regrets
Of all seasons, it was never alike
Regrets and loneliness awaits
Whenever I go home
Is this how my fate is
Past throughout December fall
Oh I just wish to see
A day that a sunset ends
Wishing for a new life
Next December, on my next Christmas
Pain and blindness awaits
Where I so called home
Os this how my fate is
Past throughout December fall
Throughout every December fall


Take me as i am
and commit myself to you
alike we took this vow
and forever i’ll be loving you
and we’ll walk through that isle
with rings on our hands
symbolizes a bond of sacred love
between woman and man
let us go through
the bitter and the sweet
that makes our foundation strong
if you’ll still hold on
and now here i am
right here by your side
and forever i’ll be with you
in all the mornings, in all the days, in all the afternoons and in all the nights
to me
your my light
without you i cannot see
your my air
without you i cannot breathe
you feed my soul inside
to me your my purpose
without you i cannot live
your my love
without you my heart cannot beat
you’re the fire that burns me inside… in me

Be Mine

Standing be till night and day
waiting for you even if you’re so far away
i wish to hold you in my arms
i couldn’t wait to see your face
and feel the warmth of your sweet embrace
i wont let you go, i’ll let you feel my heart
the full white moon is a sight to see
but it would be alot better if you’re here with me
i really miss you, baby be mine
but before you go away
i wanted to tell you that you’ve made my day
is there another way
somehow to say
that i love you (should have been said to you a million times)
that i want you (but it hid so long inside)
that i need you (and soon i’ll realize)
that i miss you

Tragic Violins

Let me hear the violins
the craving of my soul
the dramas and the sorrows
in my body, overflows
it became so tragic
the spoken of the strings
my lack of hope
my fate, my ending
and place myself
with darkness i bleed
my life in spite
till i hear my last heart beat

Uncool Part 2

You’re so uncool to me
a waste of memory
treachery and tyranny
is what you mean to me
will i hate you forever?
how could you be so mean to me?
we’re not meant to be together
you are the misery
you’re so uncool to me
everybody hates you for what you did
so please disappear
you are my disease
will i hate you forever?
Hopw could you be so mean to me?
do you regret it, if ever?
for hurting me
hurting me
hurting me

Leonore (/Helen)

Move a litle closer
i am in need to hold your hand
lets take it farther
lets make our hearts decide
can i ask you a question
if you’re really in love
if you ask me that question
yes, i am really in love
move a little closer
i’ll stay with you through the night
influenced the world and all lovers
spreads like an undying brush of fire
i fell in love by your eyes
i fell in love by your smile
your soul, so kind hearted inside
i promise i’ll never make you cry
i promise i’ll protect you with my life
i’m so glad that i can call you mine

A Father, a Mother and their 5 kids

Our souls stolen
from that very moment
a photograph of my family
it was a happy memory
the joys and the laughs
now all gone from it once had
it was projected to be perfect
but now divided and seperated
through years and duration
here i am now, a victim of this disappointment
holding this picture, a souveneir from the past
a memory that will surely last
now i live this burden
living life, my future uncertain
cursed with possibility of this same fate
let me go, let me escape

Best of Friends

Best of Friends
Posted by: norbyela in Poetry
Best of friends
our bond is endless
the times we have spent
seemed so endless
all that we have shared
the joys, the laughs the happiness
all that we have shared
the aches, the problems, the sadness
There we are
here for each other
still we are
best friends forever

Charade (Sadako)

When you think about it
i’m here just waiting
the answer from you
feel the ring
full of feelings
the one that i gave you
precoius moments (the time that we will spend)
feel its presence (hope you wear it till the end)
i need you
now and forever
you decide where it begins
no matter how long
you’ll still make me feel better
coz you’re my medicine
after a while (i’ll still feel the love inside)
in my mind (still picturing your smile)
Coz i’ll wait for you
everyday and night
your fire burns me deeply
my soul belongs to you now


I’ve been down and
As this tragic story ends
I know that she’ll never again be mine
Been depressed for quite some time
Don’t know where I would wind
I was getting much more worse but you came on in
Back then my heart was shattered
But now you’re here and that’s all that matters
You gave me yours as I gave you mine
I never thought
What would I find
I never thought when again would I smile
But now you’re here, a part of my life
Slap me in the face
Tell me if it’s true
Back then I was alone
Now I’m with you
So please always be here right by my side



The moon is the evening sun
darkness fights with his table lamp
his full spirit died and gone
deteriorates, no love, none
Lying down in prone
writing words for a poem
he’s been with himself and moans
no one here but him all alone
devastates from his heart broken
from all his good, there’s no token
he lost his hope and his such faith
from all the pain, life cannot appreciate
he blames to the right and to the wrong people
sad events, sad memories, his life is regretful (/unstable)
derived from his love, his one, his princess
now all gone, in this room of emptiness
the air condition makes artificial snow
even without it, his soul will still be cold
sorrows and tears in his eyes
in his hollowed room, deprived night
all he have now is sadness and dispair
even if he will be absent in this world, nobody will care
and he will let his room manifest in silence
nor essence, nor spirit, nor existence

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