Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today, we went to Quiapo and bought a lot of DVDs and went to Binondo. It was fun.

Here are some sketches that I did:

Twitter-Sized Movie Reviews:

-Toy Story 3 = The movie was great. If you've watched 1 and 2, you would cried harder like me. If this is your first time to watch this franchise, you will also cry about it. Pixar is hitting all the emotional sequences and scenes. Everything was a riot. except the Spanish mode of Buzz Lightyear. A must-see and watch for all Pixar/Toy Story enthusiasts. 4.7/5

-Karate Kid = This one is lesser to an average. I must say, they have all the plot lines like the first original movie, starring Ralph Macchio. The soundtrack was less par. But from a standpoint from a kid, who is less than 12 years old, will enjoy it... I guess. It is true: Instead of the title being KARATE KID, it should've been KUNG-FU KID. 2/5

I have a lot more movies to watch and review. All for now

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