Saturday, January 1, 2011

6th CAPTAIN'S LOG OF THE ENTERPRISE: Happy New Year!!! My Aunt's neighbor's house

Happy New Year! Had a good day, today. Went to my tita Eppie's and collected my Christmas gifts and had lunch. I played a cool card game with the relatives. Yes, I ;ost money my cash from the card game. Hehehehe.

One of my uncles told me, "Kung malas sa sugal, swerte sa asawa". It made me laugh and realized that he was kinda' right.

OK, while my aunt and the rest of the people in the my aunt's house were having a rosary, I was in the front of the house and drew her neighbor's part of their house. Simply, part of their roof.

I know, it doesn't make anything. But, hey! trip ko lang. Hehehehe.

Just only used a post card and a 0.7 gel pen.

By the way, I had some delicious lechon!. woo-hoo!

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