Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ivan Brun at Comic Odyssey

Today was fun. I got a chance to hang out with Ivan Brun. We conversed about his journey as a comic book artist. Bluntly, I forgot to bring a tape recorder to be used for a cool piece audio interview for Flipgeeks. Anyway, I bought two of his books: War Songs & No Comment.

He sketched on them and Myrna requested a sketch of Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. He got a crack out of it, coz he cannot picture him that well. But, he was cool with it.

We continually talked while we were downstairs for a drag break. I gotta say, he's loose & relaxed, just like my old Brazilian friend, Felipe. The topic was about breaking through the American comic book industry and the kind of stories that he likes to tell.

We came back at Comic Odyssey and drew and drew. I think he did around 15-20 sketches in total today. Had supper with him at Mangan: crappy sisig but their kare-kare was OK.

Next Saturday, he'll be in Sputnik. I might attend for another chat.

Today was fun. My Samsung camera is still broke. So, I only just used Myrna's cellphone camera. Here are some pictures from today:

Ang bangis ni DJ (Legazpi)

Coming soon

Yesterday, I found out that issue one of Yo, Bo! is all sold out at Sputnik. Then today, a friend bought the last copy and poster of Gutom. So, I guess, this week ain't bad. I gotta restock them.

All for now.


  1. ang bangis ng drawing nya! pinoy version ni howard the duck :)

    norbs pede pa repost nung pic nung sketch nya? hehehe...


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