Thursday, March 8, 2012


Here we are again. I've been putting up photos with my Instagram account. And here's part six!

The newest number seven of my webcomic - Wonder Years is now available for FREE regular view #webcomics #indiecomics #comicstrip

Rough idea for the WONDER YEARS special number


Designing a good bedroom

Took it before I erased it

Effed up a good shot

Mariposa motel under going construction

Working on number eleven of the WONDER YEARS

Got kidnap by my two aunts, they've been feeding me violently with peachy-peachy and cadbury chocolates. They're now making a ransom letter for my hostage. Waaaahh!!!

Is it okay. I'm not used to this kind of angle.

Yeah, kinda gothic. But, this guy's stuff is sick. Google him - Thomas Ott.

Rough drafts

Very rough drafts

Character design for a future (which is I'm working on it right now... wait! Am I in the future?! What the--!)

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