Sunday, March 4, 2012

WONDER YEARS Number Ten Is Up!!!

WONDER YEARS Number Ten is up! And It's a day early! Why?! Because of my new $%^& day job!!!

I just want to announce early now that there might be delays on my future numbers, possibly, starting at Number Twelve. But, I am working on it now. Also at the start of Number Eleven, the paper size that I'll be using is A3 size? Why? Because since from the beginning Number One-Ten, I have been using 1-2 pieces of 9x12 sketchpad paper .  And it's been annoying experience, so I found a specialty paper shop near my pad and got some A3-sized vellum paper boards. I'm now more comfortable with it. The way I do paneling and layout changed a bit. But overall - I'm happy.

Anyway, take a peak with WONDER YEARS Number Ten.

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