Saturday, April 21, 2012


FINALLY!!! WONDER YEARS - Number Twelve is up! 

Sorry for the long delay. Like I said, from my previous posts, Been busy with my day job and I couldn't get  this page scanned. Fortunately, I got it scanned today and edited it right away... well... not right away. I had to drink a lot today. YES: I had to. Hehehe.

This is the second page of a new template and paper that I'm using. I know that there is no dialogue here. But, I just couldn't resist in fixing up the pace of this story. For me, I think the art is superb in my standards. 

For NUMBER THIRTEEN, I'm still inking it. So be patient. But, I guess the next page that will be released and revealed is the Free Comic Book Day page that I did a few months ago. I'll post it on the day before FCBD.

All for now.

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