Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SHORT & SIMPLE: What's Trending These Days - ADVENTURE TIME

Last Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2012 event that I attended to was Fully Booked's last May. I had a table, as well as my fellow indie comic creators/artists. We laid out our sketches there of Marvel Comics & DC Comics characters and we waited for someone to purchase them or make someone convince themselves to get a commission sketch. Well we did, but not that quite strong. While I observed people standing in line for the free comics, I noticed that more & more people are looking for the Adventure Time FCBD comic. I already made up mind that the audience in this part of the Manila is quite different from the usual audience that I entertain. So, I figured, why not start sketching Adventure Time characters. I s&*@ you not that I haven't watched the cartoon at all. And still haven't up to this day. Anyway, I drew... a 'Jake' and displayed it in front of my table. It wasn't difficult to draw one. It was kinda around my alley. I used to use the same style before. Anyway, kids began looking and giggling when they passed by. Some little girl, I completely forgot her name, asked if she could buy the sketch, she did and after she came back and asked for another sketch. I think she was asking for a... 'Marceline'. I completely dunno who was that. Good thing that Freely Abrigo has a copy of the Adventure Time comic. Borrowed it. Drew a Marceline. And felt satisfied that she liked what I did. After that Freely was asked to do an Adventure Time character, as well as the artist next to me - Amos Villar. In the end, we made kids happy. 

 Maybe I should start sketching cartoon characters regularly.

Monday, June 18, 2012

BATMAN ToyCon 2012 Quick Sketch

During the second day of ToyCon 2012, I visited my fellow local comic book creators and there was a time where all of us sketched Batman. Why? I gotta say, artists are drawn and inspired from what they see, hear, feel, perceive in their environment.  And that environment, ifront of them is  The Dark Knight Rises booth featuring a large Batman suit and a screen showing the trailer of the upcoming flick. I couldn't resist, so I just joined in. 

I used a short regular paper, straight-to-ink black 0.7 gel pen and a black marker (thanks Tepai!).

took this with my phone camera

SHORT & SIMPLE: These Days

These days I've been pretty busy. I haven't touched my binders for the graphic novel that I'm working on. These days and just like before, even though weekdays are pretty tight, it seems like my weekends as well. Not much free time unless it is sleep.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My MARK MILLAR Interview & SUMMER KOMIKON 2012 Experience

This May has been hectic for me, maintaining my day job, private business, writing posts for Flipgeeks, co-organizing sketch drives, drawing my comic book stuff and what not. I just have a lot of plates spinning. Trying to balance the momentum so not one of the would fall and break. 
Riding the MRT
This past Saturday was really a mark in my calendar this month. Other than comic book & sketch drive events provided by Comic Odyssey and Fully Booked, it was NBS' Mark Millar interview with Flipgeeks and this year's Summer Komikon this time. This year was kinda different for me. Since Flipgeeks' reputation keeps growing and growing, also the number of our contributors is increasing. 

Last Saturday, I woke up from a 4-hour "sleep" and organized things to bring for today: my own comic books and merchandise to sell for Summer Komikon 2012 and a big stack of Millar-written books for him to sign. The interview with Millar was first, so I kissed my girlfriend goodbye and went to Greenbelt 5.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SHORT & SIMPLE: Feeling Happy

OVERLAP - Feeling Happy E.P. This is one of the sweet inspirations of leading me into drawing and playing the guitar. Overlap's fast upbeat and pop punk rock just feeds my need when I was a young teenager. And just looking at one of their covers just made me feel giddy and imaginative.


SHORT & SIMPLE: Guitar Playing Video

This was like 5-6 years ago during a University presentation. Covered Bamboo's Masaya and Kamikazee's Narda. I still play guitar but not that much anymore. My passion is just not there anymore. But I'll find it somewhere and pick it up.

Monday, June 4, 2012

SHORT & SIMPLE: I'm F&*^(%NG Sick!

I'm a busy man... sort of. I haven't posted anything yet recently. So I'm just going to start making posts short & simple.

From the last weeks of April and the whole month of May, I've been so busy with multiple jobs and also being a comic book creator, that my body just surrendered on me and let a cold virus infect me. It's been a week now and I still need little recovery.

All for now.

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