Monday, June 18, 2012

SHORT & SIMPLE: These Days

These days I've been pretty busy. I haven't touched my binders for the graphic novel that I'm working on. These days and just like before, even though weekdays are pretty tight, it seems like my weekends as well. Not much free time unless it is sleep.

Anyway, Instagram has been helping me a lot. Here are some pictures:

Gave a bag of cheese puffs for the time while... you know,  I had the rest. Hahaha. After office work, I rushed to SM Megamall and atternded TOYCON 2012 to rummage comics and take some pictures for FLIPGEEKS. I gotta say, my phone camera has been producing these awesome effects on the pictures that I've taken. They say it's blur but f&*^ them... hahaha. Just kidding. Stayed at the con for an hour coz I had to go home and teach my other students. Then things got pretty blurry after my classes.

Snacks for today! :-)

@comicodyssey at TOYCON 2012

Never in my mind that I picture myself cosplaying, but while I took a picture of myself in an #adventuretime costume. God damn @cartoonnetwork. You've polluted my mind! #toycon2012

Girl's corner at #toycon2012

Got these two GNs at the @comicodyssey booth 

Second day of TOYCON 2012. Just thought of having a good solution of how could Komikon can be a 2-day event. Might write something about it. IF I have time. Going back to the con, I hung out at the Komikon booth for an hour. Quick-sketched a Batman.

Komikon's Sherry Zamar in full #toycon2012 outfit and creator of Baboy - Mel Casipit. And look doooown there... ehem... Batman sketch, oh

HULK: "Hulk would like to emote now" @marvel

Bruno Barbero creator - Rommel 'Omeng' Estanislao raised his thumb over here, that means that he just made a sale. Hehehe. You should check out his Mjolnir-inspired hammer pendants. A must-buy!


Why are you guys still wearing your undies?! #dccomics #new52

"lose your friend and let's grab a room." hahaha #toycon2012#cosplaygoinwild

Hope this guy realize that this cosplayer is actually NOT a female.

My haul from the second day

Greeted my Dad a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY via text since he lives in Zambales. Went out. Nothing much happened. But I did get these cool frames:

All for now.

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