Monday, September 17, 2012


Last week, I joined Penciljack and so far I'm trying to share my stuff out to everybody that I can share with. Anyway, they had this weekly sketch to their members. So, I decided, why not. One of the challenges was to draw a Spider-Man/Kraven sketch.

I just gotta say, my style is not usually superhero-like. Maybe I'm more to cartoon. But, I do try to diversify. 

Bad shot. At the start, I  thought that using an index card would fit my whole concept. But, I drew too big and too lazy to start it on a bigger-sized paper.

I suck at hands

My concept is only to use two index cards. But, I noticed, Spidey's spidey sense wouldn't fit. So, I used nine and taped them up. This Spider-pose is horrid.

There! That looks better.

Wee! I'm having fun with the Spidey sense. Take note, I did not use gel-pens here.

Almost done. But it feels that something is missing.

There you go. 

Here's my sketch. And I guess, I'll just put this up for sale. For anyone who is interested, send me an email at or just make a note at the comment box. Thanks.

All for now.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Today, I was just drafting some layout for a page that I might use for my webcomic - WONDER YEARS or just for a future project, lets just name it: QUANTUM. Anyway, I only used an index card and my mighty Dong-A 0.7 gel pen.

I might add another panel in the middle. It needs an umph!

click the image to enlarge

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Salutations! Yesterday, I attended UP-AME CON 2012 - The 1st Road Event for the upcoming GTMACCON 2012. I went there as one of the many artists & creators of local indie komiks that attended in the event. The con was nice. it was basically a time to chat up with my komiks-friends and make some few sketches.

And a while, drew this for my friend - FREELY ABRIGO. It's his komiks character, KAPITAN TOG.

click the image to enlarge

Monday, September 3, 2012

Here's Yo, Bo #2 For FREE!

Done reading with the first issue of Yo, Bo!? Well, here's issue Yo, Bo! #2! AND it's FREE!!!

7th CAPTAIN'S LOG OF THE ENTERPRISE Volume 2: Last Weekend

Hello. I've been busy these days lately. Mostly, because of my teaching jobs. I really miss drawing and sketching. But, I'm not done unpacking and organizing my stuff in the studio and I don't feel comfortable doing my shit when everything in the studio room is cluttered. So many things to put up on my wall. So many containers to be organized.

Anyway, here are some pictures that I took over the weekend:

A nice place to bring my mom and dine. #awesome #yum #mommasboy

E-Post AM Shift OETs at Cafe Juanita

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