Saturday, October 6, 2012

PROJECT "Quantum": Some Pages

Here are some scanned pages from the art pages that I posted in my previous entry. They 'clean' from my rendering. I bet someone can do them better. Anyway, I'm proud of these pages. Worked on them while I really had to sacrifice on my "sleep time".

Still don't know their page numbers, But I'll fit them in the story. Hopefully, I should work on my graphic novel while working on this book. Grabe, no? But I wanna tell my stories. And I REALLY hope that you guys will like them. 

PROJECT "Quantum" - The next installment after WONDER YEARS > PROLOGUE. This story continues about a boy who has lost everything... everything?

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Friday, October 5, 2012

WIP... So Far

Surprisingly, I'm doing some progress on producing art. I haven't touched on my main projects, and I should. But, with my busy schedule, the only that I have time for is trying  to develop my sequential visual storytelling. Thank God for index cards. But, I still want to use 11x17s, when I have a chance.

As I've posted before, it is related to that and I think it's better to just show it to you than me yammering around. I don't if these pages will be on WONDER YEARS or on the next installment of PROLOGUE. But, I think I'm doing good work. These will show my progression of some of the panels & pages.

Sorry for the crappy photos. I really haven't had a lot of time to scan them. Mostly, I've been using INSTAGRAM and used some filters on them. Someday, I'll present them better.

So far, that's it... will post soon! All for now!

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