Thursday, May 30, 2013

Going Back: Shitty Page

I'm going to go back and talk about the stuff that I've posted on my Instagram account for the last 3-4 months. This is going to be fun and difficult coz I'll get to explain more. Things might get confusing coz there might be photos that I wont remember posting about. Hehe. Anyway, let's start.

rough concept page draft that I did for one of komiks project. 

totally loving the first panel; i think i've made the panel borders too thick; this is the first time that i used a brush and china ink; don't like the arm on the second panel; like the third one; i think i didn't execute the fourth panel right, its not intense enough; this page, at that time, was... 'OK', but it annoys me whenever i see this. 

the last panel is just shitty; this page is shitty. will fix the borders; will fix the second, fourth and the last

I totally criticize myself. I dunno why, maybe I'm a bit of a perfectionist. But, truthfully, this page lacks.

All for now.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I'm Back

Hi, guys. Long time, no blog. Sorry, I've been SO busy with... stuff. I've edited Comic Odyssey's FCBD Komiks #3; I've done some commission sketches; I've been so busy with day jobs; I've been working on my komiks projects. So much fun and tiring. But, I've been greatly misdirected due to my iPad.

As of now, I'll try my best to keep my blog updated. Usually, I post a lot of crap on my Instagram account.

You can read FCBD Komiks #3 at

All for now

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