Weather-Weather Lang

Filipino Readers' Choice Awards

Nominated for 2012's 2nd FILIPINO READERCON's Readers Choice Awards - Comics/Graphic Novel 

Story and Art by
Norby Ela
Cover by
Norby Ela
NMN Creative
Cover Price

A 2010 24-Hour Comic Book Challenge entry.

A big storm hits and endangers the Philippines... 

Weather-Weather Lang is available in Comic Odyssey and local comic book conventions.

“Norby Ela's art still has a long way to go and did not score highly. However, his story is one of the highest ones I rated. I found it strangely affecting, not only because of the subject matter, but because of how it was written. It’s quiet, unforced and surprisingly convincing, free from bombast and hysterics. He almost made me believe he was reliving a memory, rather than simply imagining a story.”

-Gerry Alanguilan


1. The Get Up Kids - Out of Reach

2. Unwritten Law - Sing



Here's the old and original Weather-Weather Lang that was the entry the 2010 24-Hour Comic Book Challenge.


By RYAN TOLEDO of RAI'S GARAGE - Komiks Review: Weather-Weather Lang

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